• Outdoors
    Where The Bats Are

    DULUTH, Minn. — Northern Minnesota’s northern long-eared bats use variety of tree species to nest in and raise their pups, but they especially favor trees that are old or starting to fail. That’s the preliminary finding of a summerlong study conducted by a team of researchers from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources,...

  • Outdoors
    Minn.’s Sax-Zim Bog Restoration Underway

    ZIM, Minn. — Ron Ryberg drove the big Marsh Master all-terrain vehicle with a deft touch, through deep ditches and across former cropland and sod fields that are slowly soaking up water. It’s here where crews are using whole tamarack trees and mud to plug ditches and slow the flow of water across...

  • Outdoors
    Minnesota Roadside Pheasant Count Up 33 Percent

    ST. PAUL — A mild winter and seasonable spring helped Minnesota pheasant numbers rebound this year, with the state’s annual roadside count up 33 percent over 2014. That should mean good news, and more birds, for the state’s pheasant hunters who take to the field starting Oct. 10. Despite the rebound, however, the...

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